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Our History

October 1900 - 15 Bradford women formed a social club, with a goal of expanding their reading experience. 

August 1902 - The first village library opened in a room over the Fairbanks Harness Shop after having raised $800 to begin their venture.

June 1905 - The club sponsored an election to approve tax support for the library.  The election was a success.

April 1923 - The Fairbanks building and library burned with all the contents.  Work then began in earnest to secure a new library Building.  The Women's Club contributed $1,500 from their funds.  Four corner stones were sold for $500 each and bricks for 25 cents apiece.  Purchasers of the conerstones were Mr. and Mrs. James Noyes, the James A. Smith Family, the Hinman Memorial, and the Phenix Banking Company.

December 1923 - Work started on the brick building and was completed the following summer.

July 30, 1924 - The Bradford Library held its Grand Opening.

1928 - The Women's League turned the library over to the village board so village tax money could be used for upkeep.

1992 - The voters of the Bradford School District voted to have the Bradford Library become a district library with services free to all residents of the district and with tax support from the entire district.

When the library was first started, it was open for only a few hours, and only two days a week.  At present, the library is open every day except Sunday, for a total of 42 hours per week. 

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